Doug's Story

Douglas Hawes was a problem-solver, a visionary, and an entrepreneur. Doug was President of Associated Students of Michigan State University, his alma mater, and President of both the Howell Chamber of Commerce and Howell Jaycees. He was a member of the GANG IT Network and Leadership Livingston. He made everyone feel welcome wherever he was and demonstrated a lifelong commitment to his community. Doug was a motor enthusiast who enjoyed spending time with his family. In addition to his calm demeanor and strong technical background, he was an incredible mentor and an instructive force.

Most recently, Doug worked as Business Intelligence (BI) Manager at Lake Trust Credit Union. With his advanced technical knowledge and experience, he was a mentor to all he worked with. At Lake Trust, he helped to build a new BI program that mines useful information from data to help advance member financial health. His successes at Lake Trust also included building a team of talented technologists, who created a new data warehouse that provides actionable insights for various business opportunities.

The Lake Trust Foundation is honoring Douglas Hawes by awarding a one time, full-ride scholarship to an individual who is pursuing an associate, bachelor's or master’s degree in one of the following programs: Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Information Security and Assurance, or, Analytics, Technology and Innovation at Cleary University.

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