Home sweet, sweet home.

Our new HQ isn’t just a super awesome building, it’s a place where all of Team Lake Trust support can come together under one roof. The open environment and intermingling of departments creates a collaborative atmosphere, increasing efficiency so we can bring you the best new products and services. Our community rooms are available for outside organizations to use, so you can create amazing things too!

Thanks for Helping.

A big thank you to our partners for making our new building look amazing: Christman Company, SmithGroupJJR, Interior Environments and the Brighton Township.

Don't follow, LEED.

Lake Trust HQ is working toward a LEED certification, which means that we want to be super-mega-ultra green. The architecture incorporates natural lighting and refurbished materials, minimizing our impact on Mother Earth.

Come on in.

Our HQ is mostly glass. This is our way of blending into the environment and reducing any visual pollution. Our giant windows are also another way that we can invite the outdoors into our new home and celebrate the natural beauty that Michigan offers.

All natural, baby!

Maintaining the natural features of our new HQ location was a top priority. We were conscious of the environment during construction, preserving most of the significant trees.

The living wall.

That’s right. We have a wall…and it’s alive!

Plush and green, our living wall is not only a living piece of art. The living wall reduces our energy usage and purifies the air.

Frequent questions.

Get answers to the questions that everyone's been asking.

Q. Did the Brighton branch move? 
Answer. The Lake Trust branch in Brighton is staying at it’s current location at 8661 W. Grand River Ave.
Q. Were any recycled materials used to build HQ?
Answer. The wood paneling on the building accent walls are refurbished pieces from demolished buildings in Detroit.
Q. How many jobs will HQ create?
Answer. We made the move with about 240 employees and plan to grow to 325 teammates.
Q. Where is the new HQ located?
Answer. Our headquarters is located at 4605 S. Old US Highway 23 Brighton, MI 48114.
Q. How can I join Team Lake Trust?
Answer. We’d love to have you! Visit our careers page to see what opportunities are currently available.

Ask us a question.

If there's anything you'd like to know about the new Lake Trust HQ, please send us your questions. We'd love to answer 'em!


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