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Before Applying

  • Check out scholarships with your college financial aid office.
  • Apply for Federal Student Aid at°.



The cost of college continues to rise, making it harder to afford. At Lake Trust Credit Union, we’re committed to helping students find the best funding for their education through college student loans. You’ll get significant cost-savings by choosing your credit union’s college student loan over other lenders.


  • Line of Credit instead of loan makes new funding only a phone call away
  • Deferment of principal and interest while in school
  • Flexible repayment terms including graduated repayment for two years

Key Features


Variable rate, currently 6.75%  (see rate sheet)

Orignation Fee None
Line Limits
  • Cost of Attendance (COA) less other financial aid received (as certified by the school)
  • $1000 minimum annual
  • $75000 maximum over college career
  • 20 years if balance is less than $40,000
  • 25 years if balance is or is greater than $40,000
Co-borrower Release

With automated payment and after 48 consecutive months of payments made on time, co-borrower may request to be released. However, the primary borrower must be credit worthy with the following:

  • 690 minimum FICO
  • $30,000 minimum annual salary ($2,500 monthly gross income)
  • 45% debt-to-income ratio maximum
  • No bankruptcies, judgments, or student loan defaults
Disbursement Funds disbursed directly to school at the time(s) the school specifies.
Eligible Schools
  • Most Four-Year Public & Private Non-Profit Schools
  • Degree-Granting Program (Title IV)
  • Complete list


or call 800.758.9830.

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