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Saving money is tough to do alone. The Aspire CD can help you work toward a specific savings goal. Create a goal and set automatic transfers to your Aspire CD for easy savings.


  • Continue adding to balance
  • Earn at a great rate
  Aspire CD
Interest Up to  1.00% APY* - Compounded Monthly
Terms 24 Months
Monthly Service Fee
Minimum Balance $50
Other Details
  • Early closing penalty:
    • 180 Days Interest Penalty 
  • Unavailable for IRAs or Overdraft Protection
  • $10,000 maximum principal amount
  • No ATM/Debit
Other Key Features
  • Automatic Renewal
  • E- Statements
  • Online Banking
  • Additional Deposits: $10 & up
  • Automatic transfer from savings or checking
  • Possibility of early withdrawal without penalty.

Go ahead. You know you want to.


*APY=Annual Percentage Yield.  Rates as of  8-1-2017 and subject to change.